Welcome to the projects section of Resequenced dot Net. Feel free to browse through the various projects hosted here and listed below. Scroll further down, and check out the development blgo entries.
consolefe svn consolefe is a console/terminal-based front end written in C for use with Simutronics IFE Games.
gameentry 1.2.1 gameentry is an unofficial open-source replacement for the official Simutronics Game Entry.
libife svn libife is a C-library foundation for developing client applications for Simutronics IFE games.
libxml svn libxml is a C-library for parsing XML data, specifically the XML data sent to clients by Simutronics IFE games.
nexus 0.0 nexus is an unofficial open-source client for use with Simutronics IFE Games based around the XML data stream used by the official StormFront client.

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Friday May 28th, 2010

consolefe project added

postedbyanshouat5:44 PMonMay 28th, 20100 comments
I've added a project page for my console-based front end named, you guessed it, consolefe.
postedbyanshouat5:44 PMonMay 28th, 20100 commentslink

libxml project added

postedbyanshouat5:44 PMonMay 28th, 20100 comments
I've added a new project page for my xml parsing library, libxml.
postedbyanshouat5:44 PMonMay 28th, 20100 commentslink

libife update

postedbyanshouat5:43 PMonMay 28th, 20100 comments
I've updated libife with two new revisions, the latest of which adds storm protocol support. Yum!
postedbyanshouat5:43 PMonMay 28th, 20100 commentslink

Monday June 8th, 2009

GameEntry 1.2.1 Released

postedbyanshouat12:42 PMonJune 8th, 20090 comments
A minor update to GameEntry, version 1.2.1, is available on the its project page.

This version fixes a minor potential issue that could render the game entry unable to connect to the authentication server.

GameEntry Project Page:
postedbyanshouat12:42 PMonJune 8th, 20090 commentslink

Thursday February 21st, 2008

GameEntry 2.0 Beta

postedbyanshouat2:25 PMonFebruary 21st, 20080 comments
A beta version of GameEntry 2.0 is available for download. It's only available in standalone binary flavor at the moment, until I get my development environment back into some normal state.

You can download it here.

postedbyanshouat2:25 PMonFebruary 21st, 20080 commentslink

Tuesday November 20th, 2007

GameEntry 2.0 Beta Screens

postedbyanshouat7:35 PMonNovember 20th, 20070 comments
Just some screenshots of the beta version of GameEntry 2.0 to whet you appetite.

Beta Screen 1

Beta Screen 2

postedbyanshouat7:35 PMonNovember 20th, 20070 commentslink

Saturday June 23rd, 2007

New Project: libife

postedbyanshouat10:28 PMonJune 23rd, 20070 comments
I've opened up the project page for libife with access to the subversion repository and all this great ish.

No documentation yet, though. So, good luck poking around if you do. ;)
postedbyanshouat10:28 PMonJune 23rd, 20070 commentslink

New Projects Pages

postedbyanshouat8:32 PMonJune 23rd, 20070 comments
I've redesigned my project pages to be totally hawt. You can take a look at them here:

So, yay. Have some other stuff coming up soon, too, as soon as I get this system worked out entirely. I'm trying to add hooks into my blog software to automatically include properly tagged entries as a sort of new feed system.

postedbyanshouat8:32 PMonJune 23rd, 20070 commentslink

Thursday May 3rd, 2007

GameEntry 1.2

postedbyanshouat10:47 PMonMay 3rd, 20070 comments
Newest version of GameEntry, 1.2, has been up for a few months now.

Download it, bitches.
postedbyanshouat10:47 PMonMay 3rd, 20070 commentslink