An Alternative to the Official Simutronics Game Entry

gameentry is a replacement for the standard Simutronics Game Entry for use with Simutronics games.

gameentry was developed to address some issues and lack of features i perceived in the offical SGE.

does it actually work?

gameentry is a full-featured program, and includes all functionality present in the official SGE with one notable exception, gameentry skips the Simutronics Launcher and launches the selected front end directly. gameentry also includes a number of extended features including:

  • storing of recently used account names
  • optional encrypted storage of account passwords
  • account name completion
  • remembers the following information:
    • last selected game per account
    • last selected character per game (per account)
    • last selected game client per character (per game, per account)
  • search-as-you-type functionality for game and character listboxes
  • built-in game client update checking and installation
version 2.0 feature list
  • news and announcement feeds
    • pulled for last game that a character was logged in to
    • better "search-as-you-type" logic
      • type "gsplat" and select "GemStone IV Platinum"

gameentry binaries and source code are provided for download under version 2 of the GNU General Public License. the terms and conditions of the GPL license are available in the included LICENSE.TXT file and also available at

gameentry binaries are available in full setup (gameentry-x.x-setup.msi) and raw binary (gameentry-x.x-binary.rar) packages. if this is your first time downloading gameentry, i suggest downloading the latest full setup version to ensure you have all the necessary system files and other dependencies. if you've downloaded gameentry before, you should be safe downloading the raw binary verion and just replacing the old binary. both packages include latest copies of LICENSE.TXT and CHANGELOG.TXT.

a number of users have asked if gameentry has a feature to delete accounts from the program's account list. currently, there is no option, but it is planned to be added to version 2.0. in the mean time, there is a registry merge file available for download that will clear the account list. it can be downloaded here. just double-click the file (or right-click and select "merge") to merge the file into your registry.


    gameentry is not an official program, and is unsupported by Simutronics Corporation.

Simutronics® is a registered trademark and service mark of Simutronics Corporation. All rights reserved. The GemStone ® IV game is copyright © 1987-2004 Simutronics Corp. All rights reserved. GemStone ® is a registered trademark of Simutronics Corp. All rights reserved.

Monday June 8th, 2009

GameEntry 1.2.1 Released

postedbyanshouat12:42 PMonJune 8th, 20090 comments
A minor update to GameEntry, version 1.2.1, is available on the its project page.

This version fixes a minor potential issue that could render the game entry unable to connect to the authentication server.

GameEntry Project Page:
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Thursday February 21st, 2008

GameEntry 2.0 Beta

postedbyanshouat2:25 PMonFebruary 21st, 20080 comments
A beta version of GameEntry 2.0 is available for download. It's only available in standalone binary flavor at the moment, until I get my development environment back into some normal state.

You can download it here.

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Tuesday November 20th, 2007

GameEntry 2.0 Beta Screens

postedbyanshouat7:35 PMonNovember 20th, 20070 comments
Just some screenshots of the beta version of GameEntry 2.0 to whet you appetite.

Beta Screen 1

Beta Screen 2

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Thursday May 3rd, 2007

GameEntry 1.2

postedbyanshouat10:47 PMonMay 3rd, 20070 comments
Newest version of GameEntry, 1.2, has been up for a few months now.

Download it, bitches.
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