A C-Library for Simutronics IFE Game Interfaces

libife is a C-Library designed to be used as a foundation for developing client applications intended for use with Simutronics IFE games.

Planned features include:
  • Simutronics Game Entry-like authentication
  • Basic telnet-based connection
  • Wizard Front End datastream support. including built-in data parsing
  • StormFront XML-based datastream support, including built-in data parsing
Development is (currently) active, with the latest version available via subversion only. No point releases exist yet, and likely won't until a 1.0 version, including the basics of the above feature, is completed.

Documentation doesn't exist yet, but a reference will be added once the initial development is completed.

Friday May 28th, 2010

libife update

postedbyanshouat5:43 PMonMay 28th, 20100 comments
I've updated libife with two new revisions, the latest of which adds storm protocol support. Yum!
postedbyanshouat5:43 PMonMay 28th, 20100 commentslink

Saturday June 23rd, 2007

New Project: libife

postedbyanshouat10:28 PMonJune 23rd, 20070 comments
I've opened up the project page for libife with access to the subversion repository and all this great ish.

No documentation yet, though. So, good luck poking around if you do. ;)
postedbyanshouat10:28 PMonJune 23rd, 20070 commentslink